HansaWorld: Offering an Integrated, End-to-End Business Management Application

Karl Bohlin, CEO
A successful sailing experience is all about making tough and right decisions—a skill that helped Bohlin to sail through his entrepreneur journey4 with unlikely victories. “It is often about commitment and belief as much as skill. I have learned some of the biggest leadership lessons in sailing which played a key role in laying the success map of HansaWorld,” explains Bohlin, CEO at HansaWorld. The company serves the midsize and large enterprises through integrated business software.

“Our standard application solution, with almost identical software, facilitates tons of customer data in our databases.” HansaWorld’s core product, Standard ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) offers modules of accounts, order processing, stock manufacturing, and job costing. The programs are designed to make administration and accounting as easy and fast as possible. They also deliver a unique level of interaction between its component elements through a range of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) modules.

With its integrated approach— information stored in one database— all parts of the system are connected by default and there is no need to interface different applications. “We do accounting software and ERP in an ultra modern style through our integrated platform, enabling workflow and electronic conferencing and document management. Our multi-platform can be accessed on any device,” states Bohlin. HansaWorld has also managed to move a full ERP system with all codes compiling it and making the availability of database on Android, iOS, and Windows 8.

With CIOs often looking for a host of software, Bohlin points out, the allocation of server space often takes a toll on the services cost, which he describes as a “dramatic challenge” in the industry. To overcome the hurdle, HansaWorld Standard ERP offers an application level load balancing. It provides an excellent service to the customer, so that they don’t have to wait for responses. “Additionally, another concept that we adopt is the automatic allocation of more server instances or migration of existing installation to these instances to share the load,” he states.

Stepping ahead, our team makes the local server spot of the cloud, so that enterprises can remotely operate the services, update or install software automatically

A large part of the world is not cloud-ready. “Stepping ahead, our team makes the local server spot of the cloud, so that enterprises can remotely operate the services, update or install software automatically,” Bohlin adds. Facilitating a robust remote backup process, the company also provides additional security by ensuring an extra copy of each daily back-up file that’s stored off-site on a remote server.

“We have customers around the globe using the system and to get maximum response time they shift the main storage of data to SEV centers for the correct time zone and better internet speed. When the application can move itself to another machine without disruption, the process becomes simple.” A leading Norway-based ice cream chain, with large number of distributors, was looking for low-cost integration functionality. “Standard ERP was the right choice for them because we have one of the few programming tools which provides full scale programming on a mobile device and connects at a very less license cost to a standard ERP backend system,” explains Bohlin.

As for its futuristic journey, the Bohlin’s team is now looking forward for deeper integration features to enhance personal productivity with workflow and ERP. “We are also looking at integration of personal productivity management with ERP as the acronym and integrated telephony, which will have a huge scope in the market,” concludes Bohlin, who rightly believes that for staying relevant in the market, a leader should be able to analyze the developing technology.


Stockholm, Sweden

Karl Bohlin, CEO

Provides full suite of ERP, financials, and CRM as well as a wide selection of industry-specific solutions on tablets and smartphones